Station 3 Media

Preserve Your Media  Intelligently

We are a hands on company that will go to great lengths to process your media in the cleanest possible way. We have made thousands of CDs and DVDs for schools, hospitals, tribes, and many other production companies.

  • VHS to DVD
  • 8MM Film and Tape to DVD
  • Transfers to Blue Ray Disc or Video Files
  • Audio Tape Transfers to CD or Audio Files
  • Professional Archival Services with State of the Art HD Processing
  • Full Color Print on Disc for CD, DVD, Blue Ray
  • Packaging to fit you needs and budget

Tape Transfers utilize state of the art Time Base Correction with direct Serial Digital Interface direct to file.


CD - DVD Duplication with Full Color Print on Disc Technology.

Please call for quote as prices vary depending on quantity, artwork, and packaging.


8mm Film Transfers are frame by frame to minimize frame weave.


All conversions can be Up-Rezed to HD format video files before encoding.



Station 3 Media
Station 3 Media
Station 3 Media
Station 3 Media
Station 3 Media