• Field and Studio Production
  • Editing and Graphics
  • CD, DVD and Blue Ray Disc Duplication
  • Consumer and Broadcast Tape Transfers
  • Any format to DVD Blue Ray or Video Files
  • Video for website content and development

With extensive experience, resources and creativity, we can offer video production value with very competitive advantages.

Video Services Offered

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  • Extensive training videos produced for a number of Cloud Based Data Centers including Microsoft.
  • Broadcast Tape Archival Services for Museums and Grant County Public Utility District.
  • Numerous Interviews that include  Discovery Channel and Associated Press amongst others
  • Currently working on an educational project for McGrath Learning Methods.
  • Tens of Thousands of CDs and DVDs and Tape Transfers.



Gene Colburn is the owner with a background in broadcast engineering and computer systems, He has  built numerous edit facilities both tape based and digital for other facilities.  Gene became an amateur radio operator at age eleven and holds an FCC First Class license with a broadcast endorsement. He is perfectly comfortable behind a camera, sitting at an editor or readying content for distribution.

In 2017 Gene Traveled to Bhutan with the Bhutan Cultural Exchange to set up a large outdoor sound system for their Teschue Ceremony.  The set up was a large speaker system with a mixer and 16 wireless microphones.  The ceremony was quite a success.


Kay Matthis is a Graduate from Montana State University in Film and Video Production. She has worked for television stations and Pinnacle Productions before employment here  With extensive editing skills she adds polish and perfection to any project.


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